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Carry on a helpful conversation with your AI Bookkeeper. You can ask questions, request a budget, analyze your spending, even get recommendations on how to save money and invest. Your personal finance AI bookkeeper is no mere chatbot. Text My Account will help you know when you’re spending too much, if you can afford to go out to eat, and make sure you have a budget that fits your personal finance goals.

Text My Account is Proactive

Text My Camera is not content to just wait around for you to ask questions. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • I have no idea how much money I spend.
  • I have lost control of my money, and don’t know if I have enough.
  • I have no idea if my insurance is paid.
  • I do not know what expenses are on autopay or which account the autopayments are coming from.
  • I need to get a better handle on my household financial management!

Text My Account actively monitors all your accounts and makes sense of your overall financial situation. If Text My Account knows you have an upcoming payment due, but does not see it in your BillPay accounts, it will notify you and offer to set everything up.

What if you’ve over extended yourself and need to work out how you’re going to buy Christmas presents and pay for insurance as well? Text My Account will help you figure out how much you can spend now, how much you can put on your credit card, and when you will get caught up after the Christmas season.

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iMessage or SMS is All You Need

Text My Account works through iMessage and SMS. There is no app to install on your phone. Text My Account interacts with your accounts, including banking, credit card, investment and BillPay accounts.

With the Text My Account you can:

  • Chat with your Bookkeeper any time of day or night. AI never sleeps!
  • Learn what’s how recent purchases helps or hurts your current financial strength.
  • Monitor any account for any changes you might find interesting. You can define what is “interesting“. Here are some examples:
    • “Let me know when I’ve spent too much to go out on the weekend.”
    • “Contact me when I have enough to buy that MacBook we talked about.”
    • “Send me a text when the price of silver is climbing quickly, and I have enough to buy a few ounces.”

Sign up for the waiting list. Due to capacity issues, you will be notified when Text My Account has an available slot.

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